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Freeware that easily converts JPGs into PDFs

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PDF files are often large and unnecessary while JPG files can be spotty and unprofessional. However, you will undoubtedly need both types of files eventually. the JPG to PDF converter does just that! This document conversion utility is both easy to use and to understand.

What features does the JPG to PDF converter offer me?

The JPG to PDF converter has the benefits of being both free and professional in its quality. Its sleek selection screen and interface make its usage extremely easy and painless. On the top of the program are options to add folders, pictures, and remove unwanted files from your list. The list of files to be converted is displayed in a chart below these buttons along with useful information on each file such as its size, dimensions, DPI, and format.

In addition to simply converter between the JPG and PDF format, our program is able to utilize multi-file conversion capabilities on a wide variety of raster images to create a singular PDF file composed of picture images. This functionality is known as batch mode. The batch refers to the multiple files that are put into a PDF as a batch by the program. What this feature offers the user is the ability to stitch together constituent picture files into one cohesive PDF file. If one ever encounters a situation where they may need a picture inserted among text such as when composing an ebook, this software is ideal! The ability to specify individual files and the list organization system of this program also means that you will be able to combine files from multiple folders simultaneously, reducing the tediousness of the task. A final feature of the program is that you are allowed to set and change the metadata of the PDF you are about to create. This contains identifying information such as the author's identity and the document's purpose.

The full capabilities of the program allow it access and conversion of files that also have the PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF, PCX, PSD extensions into PDFs. As one can imagine, this means that you can have files of multiple types being stitched together and included under one file as a PDF. This document conversion utility is intended for those wanting to create unity and organization among large numbers of picture images across different file formats and locations. It is incredibly lightweight, useful, and intuitive!


  • Can convert multiple file types, not just JPG, to the PDF type.
  • Can convert multiple documents to a single document.
  • Ability to change metadata of the created PDF at creation.
  • Easy to use GUI (Graphics User Interface) with organized listing of images and their relevant data.
  • Fast and free


  • Can only convert from picture files to PDFs and not the other way around.
  • Not very useful if one doesn't completely take advantage of the batch processing mode.
  • May not be able to handle tasks that require exorbitant amounts of files to be processed into one PDF.

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